History of Moravian Star

Moravian Star history

Legend has it ... that after the battle of Waterloo an officer appeared in Niesky [a small town close to today's borderlines of Poland and the Czech Republic]. As an educator he used the predecessor of today's Herrnhut star in his math classes as an exercise in geometry.

It is safe to say, however, that the first stars were produced by Pieter Hendrik Verbeek in 1894. Ever since they have been manufactured and sold in Herrnhut, at the very same place where Peter Verbeek opened his store more than 110 years ago.

Over the years our stars have enjoyed an ever-growing popularity. In Germany, especially around Christmas, you will see them everywhere: in churches of all denominations, in offices, stores and in countless German households. We are absolutely sure that the American people will enjoy our stars as much as we do!