Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star … Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star … Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Finding sweet dreams a bit elusive? You’re not alone! Today more people than ever suffer from sleep disorders. Here we share our favorite bedroom décor tips for collecting those elusive zzz’s:

1. Use a soothing and relaxing color scheme: consider the places you are most likely to relax in (a spa, a forest, the beach a library or church). What do those places have in common? Well, quiet for one thing but the other is that they are meant to be spare. And while a black backdrop might feel like a cozy cocoon for some, for most people soft light colors create a feeling of serenity. When selecting your paint color or furnishings, consider using swatches to see how they compliment each other. If you have trouble with sleep, look for soft soothing patterns in the bedroom and avoid bright and busy color palettes.

2. Install blackout shades or curtains: light signals the body that it’s time to wake, keeping the bedroom dark can help signal the body that it’s time for rest. So, what if you’ve found a pair or semi-sheer curtains that you absolutely love? Consider light eliminating blinds underneath. Alternatively, you can buy double curtain rods and use blackout curtains underneath those gorgeous semi-sheers and still get the benefit of complete darkness.

3. Create tranquil lighting: good light (as mentioned above) is so important in signaling the body for wake and sleep. Not mention how important good lighting is for different tasks like cooking, studying, reading or relaxing. (Side note: we recommend having a variety of lightbulbs on hand because you often find that the right light makes a room.) In the bedroom, a cluster of our very own color-changing illuminated stars on a dimmer switch makes for a relaxing, beautiful and restful environment. Plus, it a chic statement that goes with any color palette.

4. Invest in a comfortable mattress: a good-quality mattress is one of the best investments you can make in your health. If you and your partner cannot agree on the right mattress? There are options on the market that allow for each of you to have different settings. Not ready for the expense of a new mattress? Consider a mattress pad upgrade. Today you can even find cooling mattress pads! Studies have proven a correlation between increased body temperate and poor sleep. One study even found that bedroom temperature played a more important role on sleep than noise. (link:

5. Splurge on sheets. I don’t know about you but dressing the bed with gorgeous buttery soft linens is a surefire way to get us excited for bedtime.

6. Buy (and use) an old-fashioned alarm clock: in other words, remove all electronics from the bedroom. not only is there increasingly powerful evidence that electromagnetic waves can have a negative impact on sleep but so can your phone buzzing in the middle of the night. Those emails can wait! Plus, several studies are showing the negative impact that blue light can have on sleep. If you absolutely cannot live without your mobile device be sure you use a blue light filter app or buy a pair of blue light filtering glasses. Better yet support a local bookstore and engage in one of the best sleep tricks: reading a relaxing book.

7. Remove clutter: the bedroom should be used for sleep. Well, mostly. So, as the night winds down be sure to do a quick sweep of your bedroom for anything that can be a distraction like laundry, your purse or backpack, your laptop or work documents, etcetera. Remember: tranquil oasis. Instead light a few softly scented candles before bed. Or turn on a noise machine. Cool down the room. Create a routine that sets your mind for sleep.

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And remember, if all else fails, you can always count the stars.